We are in the process of moving all files, information to PATRIOT CONNECTIONS website. The POW/MIA Awareness Committee of NJ disbanded after the death of Tony Halas in 2014. Feel free to browse through this website and visit www.patriotconnections.org for more recent updates. Thank you – Sue Quinn-Morris

Dog Tag of Junior Hodge to be returned to brother Greg

June 2016 – Junior Hodge (George Washington Hodge Jr) was born on September 25, 1949 and died June 17, 2014, in Florida, at the age of 65. He served in the US Army in Vietnam. Plans are now underway to return his dog tag to his brother, Greg Hodge in Flordia. More details to follow…

KIA James Castaldi awarded Silver Star Posthumously

Next of kin to receive Silver Star posthumously awarded to KIA Vietnam Veteran James Castaldi – 47 years after his death.

James Castaldi, was born December 31, 1942, son of Philadelphia Police Officer James Castaldi and Violet (Caravello) Castaldi. When his father died in 1945, his mother remarried and moved to Magnolia, Camden County NJ. He entered the Army (5/7 Cav) in 1967.Unfortunately, along with over 57,000 others, he never made it home. On January 12, 1968, 1st Platoon of C Company made contact with a well-concealed, large NVA force in the Que Son Valley, which grew into a brutal battle and lasted all afternoon into the dark. Beating back the enemy force and retrieving this platoon eventually involved three platoons of C Company, and elements of B Company and A Company. At the end, three men were killed and many men were wounded. Bill Port was grievously wounded, captured by the enemy, and later died of his wounds as a POW…read more

Waco Legion Riders Return Dog Tag to Widow of Vietnam Vet, Henry Daigle

Picture2Last year, Cherry Hill Legion Riders, Ron & Carol Colucci, headed down to Texas for Ron’s Tanker Reunion. A mission before returning home to NJ was to hand off some dog tags to Rodney Mayhem of the Legion Riders in Waco, TX.

Mayhew, along with Sue Quinn-Morris of the Dog Tag Project Committee, have been working on locating the Texan Veterans that the dog tags belong to so they can be returned….read more


July 9, 2014 – It is with heavy hearts that we inform you of the passing of Vice President, Tony Halas. Tony, was a very generous and kind man who would always do for others and offered his time and support in anything someone needed. He proudly served the US Air Force during the Vietnam War, dedicated many years as a dispatcher for EP Henry of Turnersville, and was a proud and active member and initiator of numerous organizations and Veterans Groups.For more info, including funeral details, photos and videos, click here





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